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Title Character Director Production More info
The Chelsea Cowboy Darren Dowd QC Ben Cookson West Fiction Films 2022  
Ruby Strangelove Principle Maquire Evegeny Ruman Moshe Diamante 2014  
Allies General Groves Dominic Burns Summerwood Media 2014  
RoboCroc Col Montgomery Calum Mackinnon Arthur Sinclair/
BUFO Ltd. 2013
More info at UFO films
Jetstream Jack Tanner Jeff Lando BUFO Ltd. 2012 More info at UFO films
Deserter Heinrich Schwarzer Calum Mackinnon Mackinnon Films/
Zona Pictures 2009
The Walker Robbie Konensburg Paul Schrader Independent 2007 View
A Dog Of Flanders Nicholas Cogez Kevin Brodie Warner Bros 2000 View
Christopher Columbus: The Discovery Terreros John Glenn Warner Bros 1992 View
Queen of Clubs Harry Paul Street Streetlight 1992
Split Second Foster Iain Sharpe Challenge Productions 1990 Details on IMDb
Chernobyl: The Final Warning Alexander Mashenko Anthony Page Turner Productions 1990 View
Young Toscannini Luis Heckler Franco Zefferelli Warner Bros 1987 Details on IMDb